My work in plain (really plain) English.

I’m participating in an informal writing class this semester, led by fellow postdoc Jane Zelikova. Our first task was to explain our research using only the 1000 most common English words. One thousand sounds like a lot of options, but it is not. For instance, the following words are not permitted: plant, soil, produce, grass, affect, impact, interact, crop, shelter, health, future, profit, and many many more. But thanks to the good old thesaurus, I managed to come up with the following paragraph. I’m actually quite proud! Here’s a handy text editor if you want to try.

I study how land, air, and water act on each other, as anything that happens in one of those three areas ties to the other two. I am also interested in how people change all three, and how those changes then act on human lives and businesses. I want to know how people can best manage land, not just for food and/or money for our selves, but also to keep keep clean air, clean water, and enough food and home for many kinds of trees and animals, not to mention for our children yet to come.