Learning to blog

I’m taking an online class on science outreach through SciFund, and it rocks. Just spent two weeks learning how to craft a messagebox (thanks Nancy Baron!), and then how to write a blog post, complete with great conversations with other course participants and instructors on both process and how to improve. So…I’m confident this will translate to me having more courage and writing more on this blog! Excited!

2 thoughts on “Learning to blog”

  1. Several notes:

    (1) I’m excited that you were excited enough from the hangout to post some sort of commentary. I hope the class helps you spread your love of science with the world.

    (2) Your post using only the 1000 most common words is excellent. I’ve tried that exercise and I failed miserably! How long did it take you to get to that point?

    (3) I can’t explain why, but I love the handwritten chemical reactions and your illustration. All papers should be done like that!

    (4) Where is the picture in the blog header from? It looks very New Mexico-y but I’m sure it isn’t.

    (5) The theme you chose for your blog is perfect. Very simple, clean, and easy to navigate. If you ever want to change it up do searches for “Best Free WordPress Themes” and you’ll get some of the latest and greatest. But note it can be very time consuming. I have, so far, spent at least 20 hours just looking at photo/portfolio themes and have narrowed the list down to like 10 useful and beautiful themes, and I’m still not done. Or better yet, stick with what works! Hahaha.

    1. Anthony,

      THANKS for the feedback, especially the positive feedback on the equations. I thought is was super kitschy and actually withheld that post for a long time because of it. I now have a more professional version created by someone with digital illustration skills, but am trying to figure out whether I can post it here before we submit it to a journal. Eventually, it will be here to show the full evolution from hideous sketch to attractive finished product.

      Header image is near Pinedale, Wyoming, looking west from one of my field sites toward the Wyoming Range (if I have my mental orientation correct!).

      I spent probably two hours on that little “plain English” snippet. It was really hard at first, but then once I got a few sentences out it kind of reprogrammed by brain to use English and it ended up being fun!

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