My research interests center around land use and land management impacts on ecosystem-scale carbon and nitrogen cycling, and particularly soil organic matter formation and decomposition. I have worked on these questions in alpine, subtropical temperate, and semiarid ecosystems, where the management actions in question ranged from fertilization (both intentional and unintentional) to plantation forest management to natural gas extraction.


Nitrogen cycling in native and converted prairie ecosystems




Nitrogen cycling in sagebrush steppe ecosystems




Carbon sequestration and nitrogen cycling in developing secondary forests



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  1. Hi Meg. I’m condensing the American Society of Agronomy monograph on nitrogen into a manual for use by crop advisors, congressional staffers, and others who need condensed science.

    I’m interested in including visuals showing the effect of added N on non-agricultural systems, and it seems like you might have done experiments with adding nitrogen in one or more of these systems and have such images. Any of the systems shown above (converted prairie, sagebrush steppe, secondary forest, alpine) would be welcomed. If you have such visuals and are willing to share, I would also like to get a brief explanation of the visual and your interpretation of its significance. I think we may be able to pay you for the visual but as I am just starting to gather images I haven’t actually confirmed that with the publisher.

    Thanks for considering.


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